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To inspire, educate every inner-city youth about the sport of scuba diving. Our vision is to expand and enrich their horizons of the underwater worlds ocean life near and far.


Urban Scuba Kids is a City of Atlanta based Non Profit working to change the life of inner city youth. We teach children from ages 8-17 how to scuba dive and swim. Most inner city youth have not had the exposure to pools or the ocean. USK is here to change all of that. 

The Founder, Todd Clark established the non profit after years as a local first responder in the City of Atlanta  and seeing the results of children with little to no water skills.  Todd is also a PADI Scuba Instructor and certifies kids as open water divers to become part of the USK Crew. 



Todd began scuba diving after fulfilling a passion for the sea that started as a kid watching Shark Week at home. Todd began his journey of scuba at the age of 29. Since he has logged over 250+ dives all around the world. 

Todd started USK after realizing that the same opportunities could change the youth in Atlanta. Todd believes that by introducing scuba diving to under resourced kids will give the opportunity to learn S.T.E.M activities, responsibility, discipline and respect for nature. Todd plans to reach out to as many kids by introducing the skills and techniques of the sport of scuba. 

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